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Photronics is a global leader in photomask products and services, catering to both mainstream nodes and cutting-edge technologies. Established in Connecticut in 1969, the company became a publicly-held corporation in 1987.


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In the past, Photronics relied on email approvals for documents and forms. However, this approach lacked control and visibility over the approval process. Seeking a better solution, they adopted Flokzu in 2016. “The reports that come with Flokzu are one of the best features we noticed with the change” - Binu Jacob (Sr Software Engineer, Photronics’ Information Systems) Now, in 2023, they use Flokzu in the different areas of the company such as Purchasing, Legal, HR and Administration.

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"Flokzu's Metrics & Reports are critical to our auditing process, allowing us to conduct audits in a timely and accurate manner".

Results achieved

Digital transformation

Previously, they had to depend solely on email for document approvals, particularly for purchase requisitions. This method made it difficult to track the status of approvals and maintain control over the workflow Now, “we are using Flokzu for almost all scenarios where there is a document or form approval require”

Digital integrations

“Flokzu’s web services enable us to create APIs to our other applications, and hence we can transfer data back and forth between Flokzu and our internal apps”.

Time reduction

They have significantly reduced time-consuming manual processes by leveraging Flokzu's automation capabilities. By integrating and automating data transfer and workflow completion, they have achieved greater efficiency and accelerated their business processes.

Process auditing

They can now effectively monitor their workflows and processes across different departments. Real-time status updates, detailed reports, and historical data enable them to conduct process audits efficiently, ensuring compliance and driving continuous improvement.

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