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Amazing Features

  • Integrations

    Form fields and process tasks can be integrated with external systems via Zapier and Web Services (REST & SOAP). Each time a process instance passes through a stage of the flow, a notification can be sent to one of your systems. An external action can start a new process automatically. Form fields can be automatically populated with external data and attachments can be added directly from Google Drive.
  • widget configuration

    Custom Reports

    It is possible to create Custom Reports by defining filters and data columns. These reports can be shared with other users and sent by email to whomever you choose. Schedule an automatic sending to receive the information by email for the past days/weeks/months.
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    The Sandbox functionality will allow you to test your processes without worrying about who is assigned to the tasks. In addition, this functionality was designed to not generate data in the trays or reports that may affect your actual data.
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    Public Forms

    This feature allows people who are not logged into Flokzu (meaning they don't have a Flokzu user) to fill out a form and start a process instance. You can have the form embedded on your website and manage complaints and suggestions or any other process where external participants are needed.
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Custom reports

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Dynamic visibility

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Email notifications

flokzu's sandox feature

Sandbox & Versions

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External participants

issues monitor process

Issue Monitor

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