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No code

Flokzu is a cloud BPM no-code solution for companies that need to improve their efficiency and productivity. We are a simple-to-use software with an easy implementation that will allow you to see results in a short time. Most of the companies that use Flokzu have a total Return of Investment in 3 to 4 weeks

What is No Code Software?

No code platforms allow digital citizens to be developers of their own applications. It’s a new wave of technology that empowers business users to approach technology without the need for IT knowledge. No Code software is the future of software, given that it provides companies with solutions that are reliable, scalable, and simple to use.
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How is Flokzu the best No Code BPM platform in the market?

With 6 simple features

Friendly user interface, with the power you need to run complex processes

Drag and drop form and workflow builder

Easy automation

External Integrations

Centralized information

3 reasons to implement a no code BPM platform:


Scalability: Automating processes with BPM software allows companies to improve their efficiency. Doing it with a No-Code platform allows to scale the scope of the process or automate a large number of processes without needing IT knowledge or external consultancy. You’ll be able to automate any process you need as your company continues to grow.


Cost and time saving: Improve your revenue by continuously improving your processes. Every team member will have everything they need in one single place, making work more agile. Each process will take less time to be completed, saving resources and improving the business cost structure.


Staying ahead to market changes: Market changes have been always intense, and since the Covid-19 pandemic even more so. Having the tools that allow continuous improvement, and fast change application will make the difference when it comes to answering to market changes.

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