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Optimize Healthcare Workflows with Advanced BPM Solutions

Dive into Flokzu: Elevating Healthcare Workflows with Seamless Low-Code/No-Code BPM Automation

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Choosing what your company needs

Healthcare companies have several processes that are carried out every day. Many of those, and often the most overlooked, are the ones that haven't to do with health care. Those processes, the support ones,allow the whole institution to give excellent service. For example, the automation of processes that have to do with requests for supplies, acquisition of medical technology or training of the human team will ensure efficiency and effectiveness for the whole organization. Plus, you will gain a sense of professionalization that will help run the company better. And this always translates into an improvement in customer support, greater motivation of the human team and reduction of operating costs.

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Managing your processes will result in an agile company. Make decisions in half the time you are making them now. All involved parties will be able to continue working as efficient and effective as ever.

Increase productivity & revenue

Every participant will be able to complete their tasks on time, resulting in a more efficient operation. Increase your revenue by continuously improving your processes.

Task management

Reach your goals by managing each task. Track their status from the beginning to the end. Know where the bottlenecks are, and obtain the information and data you need to optimize every task in your processes.

Objective data

Using Flokzu, you will obtain objective data regarding the performance of your processes, both active and past. You can set up Custom Reports with the information your team values most.


Model your processes as your company may need and adapt them as you want. With low-code / no-codee technology, you will be able to automate any process without IT knowledge or external consultants.

Digital transformation

Have in one place all your digital documents, databases, forms, and the processes associated with them. Eliminate all the inefficiency of handling a million spreadsheets, emails, or even Whatsapp messages.

The latest on BPM for Healthcare

Medical technology imports

In healthcare institutions, it is important to keep up to date with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, on several occasions, we have to launch the medical technology acquisition process. Having this process well automated allows the company to operate with a high degree of agility. It also ensures that the request goes through the necessary stages, depending on the needs of the company or even the commercial department.<br>

You can model the stages of the process as best suits your needs, adapting it to the company’s reality.<strong> In a matter of days, you will see real results that will benefit the entire organization.</strong>

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Budget request and approval for units

Many times a specific area needs to request a certain budget to resolve a certain situation. Normally, this would be a long and messy process without a true audit trail of who made what decision. Or even what the outcome of that decision is.
Having this process formally modeled will allow you to ensure a high degree of control before employing any resources in a place that doesn’t need them. Or, conversely, attend to important matters in a timely manner, optimizing time and efficiency.

Request for supplies

Automating the supply requisition process gives team members a formal way to request different items. The request is no longer forgotten in someone’s inbox until it is too late. In addition, having a formal workflow allows you to identify which stage or task in the process is being performed. Setting up notifications and messages keeps everyone involved in the process informed about what is happening.
All of this will increase efficiency and leave more time for complex and more important tasks.
Automating what can be automated is the first step to achieve better management.
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customer complaint process

QA: Customer Service​

The customer service process will allow you to manage claims, complaints and suggestions efficiently. One of the main features available in Flokzu, often used in this process, is the Public Form. In addition to setting up the process form, you can also share it using the public URL or by embedding it on your website.
This process will allow team members to work in a coordinated and collaborative manner, establishing records of the resolutions made, so that in the future, these can be used to resolve confusing situations. The organization will improve its response time and optimize the use of different resources throughout the process.

Workflows related to Human Resources​

Managing all HR forms and documents through Whatsapp or email is very inefficient and creates a sense of unprofessionalism. Process with the same tool: requests for training in certain medical procedures or technologies, notices of unplanned absences, requests for relocation or shift changes, application for new positions or 360 evaluations. Automate the receipt of HR forms and their processing, generate alerts when delayed, escalations when necessary, and automatic updates for applicants. Create and manage your workflows without IT knowledge.​
vacation request process

Proven to be successful

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