Flokzu for educational institutions

At Flokzu, we choose to support educational institutions by offering them the opportunity to automate their business processes with significant benefits. Additionally, we find it important to promote teaching digital transformation in classrooms. For this reason, we provide free academic agreements for professors interested in teaching BPM technology.


Do you only need to automate your processes or use our BPM tool in your classrooms? We offer educational institutions the opportunity to choose between these supports individually or combined, thus adapting to their specific needs and objectives.

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Exclusive Benefits Within Your Reach

Enjoy preferential discounts to automate the business processes of your educational institution. These discounts vary according to volume, with a minimum of 10%. External Users: For processes that require student involvement, they will have access to the tool at a greatly discounted price. This way, they can interact with the tool and approve requests, upload documents, and create instances.

Use Flokzu for free for your academic courses

Currently, many Universities and centers choose Flokzu due to its ease of use, to quickly put multiple concepts into practice in the classroom. Take advantage of how intuitive our tool is, and allow your students to apply the concepts of the BPM discipline in a practical and interactive way, taking them beyond theory with a worldclass solution.

How does automating business processes benefit educational institutions?

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Digital Transformation


Task Management

Valuable Data

How to know if this benefit is for you?

If you are part of an educational institution with a wide variety of courses, hundreds of students and teachers, implementing a BPM software to automate processes and alleviate the burden on IT teams is the ideal option.

Benefits of using Flokzu in the classroom

Free lifetime premium account for the institution.

Free users for students.

Unlimited processes.

Metrics to measure performance and usage of different courses, study groups, etc.

Technical support for teachers and students, to quickly assess potential doubts and receive support in case of complex configurations.

A member of the Flokzu team will be available to conduct different types of talks.

The Customer Success team will be available to conduct a coaching session with the course teacher to discuss best practices for the classroom.

Access to Flokzu Academy, including access to free online training and masterclasses led by experts from different roles and professions.

Easy and Intuitive: Maximize the learning experience with our user-friendly and simple interface, allowing for the implementation of various concepts in the classroom efficiently. With our tool, students can transition from theory to practice autonomously and swiftly.

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This agreement is perfect for...

Our academic agreement to integrate digital transformation into classrooms is especially beneficial for universities offering postgraduate degrees, executive education programs, MBA's, technology upgrade programs, engineering courses, among others.
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