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Flokzu joins the Hyperclear Group, and further strengthens its international presence and global expansion strategy

We are pleased to announce that Flokzu / INTEGRADOC (“Flokzu”) has been acquired by Hyperclear Global Investments (“Hyperclear”), a transaction that will expand and complement its existing presence on several continents, while accelerating the international expansion of its no-code technology and solutions in the area of business process management (BPM) on all continents. This exciting development will bring technical and commercial synergies between Flokzu and Hyperclear whose global reach, and especially its strong presence in Africa, will further enhance Flokzu’s global strategy, currently with customers in more than 70 countries.

Commenting on the transaction Juan J. Moreno, founder of Flokzu, said: “2 decades ago we embarked on a journey of specialization in the area of business process management and workflow automation. On this path we have developed world-class products and services, which are used daily by multinationals, banks, medium and also small companies, to be more efficient in their management, to be competitive and to prosper. We have generated true value for tens of thousands of users and hundreds of customers on 6 continents.”

Christophe Du Mée, Managing Director – International at Hyperclear who is based at their Uruguay office, said: “We have been analyzing various international expansion opportunities over the past few years and Flokzu has by far stood out from the lot. We have been impressed with what the Flokzu team has achieved so far and are delighted to have them join our growing international group. Their commitment to excellence is fully aligned with our own ethics and culture. We look forward to capitalizing on the synergies between our teams with a view to providing our clients with even better solutions.”

Mr. Moreno, who will continue as a member of Flokzu’s board of directors post-transaction also highlighted: “Today, we are very happy that this path has reached a new stage, which will allow us to increase our capabilities to help customers, while projecting our collaborators, fundamental in this entire journey. We believe that this exciting transaction with Hyperclear is a confirmation of our efforts and the immense potential that no-code technologies for administrative process management present, in a world that requires faster and more efficient digital advancement.”

About Hyperclear

Hyperclear is a global technology investment holding company headquartered in Mauritius with regional offices in South Africa, United Kingdom and Uruguay. Through a portfolio of leading technology companies, the group provides its customers with complete and complementary solutions aimed at increasing their performance, safety and efficiency.
For more information, please visit https://hyperclear.global/

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