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Flokzu Academy

Join our amazing learning community and enrich yourself like never before on our platform. Discover Flokzu Academy!

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Enroll in our free online courses and apply that knowledge to benefit your organization.


Join our live events and gain free access to expert insights from a diverse range of fields. Don't miss this chance to learn and connect with our incredible community.

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Get certified in our tool and gain the knowledge and skills you need to take your organization to the next level.


Join the Flokzu community and tap into a diverse network of learners, partners, and clients. Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge, make valuable connections, or explore new technologies, you'll find an enriching community at Flokzu Academy.

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Flokzu Academy


Mastery in Motion: Introducing Flokzu Academy and the World of BPM

April 12th 11am EST (US) 12pm Brazil (GMT-3) 4pm UK (GMT+1)


Our mission

Leaders of our organization share Flokzu Academy's mission

“Flokzu Academy aims to raise awareness and educate on the importance of process automation and optimization. We want different business areas to understand the significance of this discipline and to take away concrete ideas and tools to apply in their day-to-day operations.”

Manuel Gros                 

“With Flokzu Academy, our goal is to democratize knowledge to help companies worldwide improve their efficiency, streamline their workflows, and achieve their goals. This not only benefits their businesses, but also contributes to economic growth and prosperity in their communities

Juan J. Moreno
Founder & Chief Strategist 

Flokzu Academy provides the tools and resources you need to drive digital transformation in your business. I particularly recommend taking advantage of Flokzu Academy’s masterclasses to get the most out of your digital strategy.

Micaela Suárez
Chief Revenue Officer

“At Flokzu, we are obsessed with providing the best experience to our users, and this new platform is the next step in achieving that goal. Whether you are a new user without previous experience in BPM tools or an established user looking to explore new use cases that can solve real-world problems, Flokzu Academy is designed to benefit everyone.

Felipe Demassi
Customer Success Leader

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