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Empower Educational Workflows with BPM

Unleash Flokzu: Transforming the Educational Landscape with Streamlined Low-Code/No-Code BPM Workflows

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Choosing what your company needs

Educational entities have dozens of administrative processes, often carried out through endless mails, even paperwork. Automating these processes allows a paperless, more orderly management, significantly reducing the time consumed. The physical location of teachers and administrative staff will no longer be relevant, in an automated process they can participate and complete their tasks from anywhere in the world. Flokzu offers a complete solution for the processes you have now and those that will arise in the future.

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Benefits for education processes with BPM

Objective data

Using Flokzu, you will obtain objective data regarding the performance of your processes, both active and past. You can set up Custom Reports with the information your team values most.

Task management

Reach your goals by managing each task. Track their status from the beginning to the end. Know where the bottlenecks are, and obtain the information and data you need to optimize every task in your processes.


Model your processes as your company may need and adapt them as you want. With low-code / no-code technology, you will be able to automate any process without IT knowledge or external consultants.


Managing your processes will result in an agile company. Make decisions in half the time you are making them now. All involved parties will be able to continue working as efficient and effective as ever.

Increase productivity & revenue

Every participant will be able to complete their tasks on time, resulting in a more efficient operation. Increase your revenue by continuously improving your processes.

Digital transformation

Have in one place all your digital documents, databases, forms, and the processes associated with them. Eliminate all the inefficiency of handling a million spreadsheets, emails, or even Whatsapp messages.

Workflows for investment opportunity

Don’t miss any more opportunities because of the time required to process the information. Automating the Investment Opportunities process will give you a quick way to handle everything you need to make the right decisions. In this simplified version of the process, you can see how information is handled, request more when it is needed, and also notify all parties involved about the course of the process. Having an organization where decisions are made quickly and accurately makes the difference between who is first in the business world, and who is second or last. Being an agile company that is continuously improving will ensure success

bpm for finances
bpm for finances

Workflows for inspection of accounts and guarantees

Schedule the review of a portfolio of assets (car insurance, houses, etc.), and it will run automatically after a certain period. You can forget about the planning and simply put this process on autopilot. In addition, following a formal, documented process will give you clarity and auditability for each task.
Another benefit of formally automating your processes is that you can measure the performance of the entire organization. Using the KPI’s and objective data that Flokzu provides, it will be simpler and faster to improve the company’s performance.

Workflows for ABM Users

Every time a team member leaves or joins the company, permissions and accesses have to be reviewed or updated. This can be a messy and time-consuming process, not because of the difficulty of the tasks, but because it often interrupts the other tasks and processes we are executing.
Automating it ensures that permissions are granted and removed correctly, and results in new people being able to be in production sooner, and for those leaving the organization, having the certainty that they will not have undue access. Without IT knowledge or external consulting, each department can automate its processes. No matter how many steps that process needs, with Flokzu, you can model any workflow you want.

bpm for finances
bpm for finances

Workflows for branch office inspection

The process will be triggered automatically and periodically, for example, once a week. In addition, you can include a checklist that the inspector will fill out each time he inspects a branch. You could check different items on a single checklist, such as hygiene, communications and marketing material, or even building maintenance. Also, the inspector could include photos of the location in that digital checklist. The form will automatically save the location of when it was completed for a better audit process. You can accomplish all of this with the same BPM tool. Flokzu allows this and much more, since what we present here is a simplified version of the process.

Workflows for credit or loan request

This typical financial institution process can be automated and used from any branch office, allowing all stakeholders to have access to up-to-date information, thus providing better customer service. All the necessary elements such as approvals, authorizations and comments are gathered in this process. When the process is completed, you will have a complete audit trail that will provide you with accurate information to improve process performance.
Having this process (and many others) automated will make a difference in the new business era, where remote and asynchronous working is a reality. Implementing Flokzu as your BPM tool will show incredible results in a matter of days.

bpm for finances

Proven to be successful

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