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Using a BPM tool in Education Institutions

We have experience making Education Institutions more efficient. Discover how several companies improve their performance by choosing the right BPM tool.

Choosing what your company needs

Educational entities have dozens of administrative processes, often carried out through endless mails, even paperwork. Automating these processes allows a paperless, more orderly management, significantly reducing the time consumed. The physical location of teachers and administrative staff will no longer be relevant, in an automated process they can participate and complete their tasks from anywhere in the world. Flokzu offers a complete solution for the processes you have now and those that will arise in the future.


Objective data

Using Flokzu, you will obtain objective data regarding the performance of your processes, both active and past. You can set up Custom Reports with the information your team values most.

Task management

Reach your goals by managing each task. Track their status from the beginning to the end. Know where the bottlenecks are, and obtain the information and data you need to optimize every task in your processes.


Model your processes as your company may need and adapt them as you want. With low-code / no-code technology, you will be able to automate any process without IT knowledge or external consultants.


Managing your processes will result in an agile company. Make decisions in half the time you are making them now. All involved parties will be able to continue working as efficient and effective as ever.

Increase productivity & revenue

Every participant will be able to complete their tasks on time, resulting in a more efficient operation. Increase your revenue by continuously improving your processes.

Digital transformation

Have in one place all your digital documents, databases, forms, and the processes associated with them. Eliminate all the inefficiency of handling a million spreadsheets, emails, or even Whatsapp messages.

Most used processes

  • Special activities coordination

    Often, in educational institutions, special activities and events must be organized and coordinated across numerous departments. This process involves an enormous amount of communication and synergy between multiple sectors and people involved.
    Automating this process with a collaborative tool allows this exchange of information and resources to be as smooth and efficient as possible. In a single process, all the information can be collected in the custom-made form, and then all the attachments needed to perform each task can be added. Automating this process will save time and make the organization more efficient.

    complex process
  • Notice of unexpected absence

    For this process, the public form functionality is very useful. This functionality, unique to Flokzu, will allow anyone, even if not registered as a Flokzu user, to initiate a specific process by completing the form.You can embed the form on your website or send the link in an email, and anyone who receives it can fill it out.
    Having an easy way to record an unexpected absence gives you more time to organize who will cover for the absentee or any other coordination needed. This will allow the organization to function with a high degree of agility.

    unexpected absences process
  • Request for fixed asset investment

    (buildings, technology, etc.).

    Making the right decision in terms of when, where and what to invest is one of the most important decisions in an organization. It has to be made thoughtfully and carefully. This does not mean that the process has to be slow. If you have all the information you need, you can make this decision easily and efficiently.
    Model the process that fits your organization's needs without the need for external consulting or IT expertise. With a drag-and-drop interface, making a form to start this process has never been easier. With Flokzu, every opportunity will be at your fingertips making your organization more efficient and effective.

    budget request process
  • Per diem or advance payment request

    This is one of the most common processes in any organization. Automating this process will result in much less paperwork in various departments. Therefore, leaving more time to dedicate to more relevant and complex tasks, leaving this process on autopilot.
    Another critical benefit of automating this process with Flokzu is that it can be initiated anywhere from a mobile device. This allows you to save even more time and prevents people from forgetting to start it. In addition, formally modeling this process improve compliance with the corporate refund policy.

    reimbursement request process
  • Application for new academic position

    Sometimes, in educational institutions, a new academic position is required, and the process of hiring someone for this position is often very complicated. A lot of time is wasted on interviews that were not necessary, or the wrong candidates are presented because the specifications need to be clarified. Hundreds of emails are exchanged between one department and another, and so on.
    You can model the process as it best suits the organization's needs. Establish each step a resume has to go through before it gets to an interview. After the interview, establish the following steps, whether the candidate is hired or not. All in the same Workflow. Set up automatic notifications, and enjoy a smooth process that will give you an organized workspace and efficient results.

    complex process

Proven to be successful

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