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BPM Suite

Making the right choice.

A BPM Suite is a tool that allows you to automate your business processes by modeling, executing, and measuring those processes. Given that each company has unique processes, it's crucial choosing the right BPM Suite. It has to have the ability to design tailored solutions for every business need, the ability to be flexible yet powerful to carry out the most difficult and complex tasks. What is more important is that you can measure the performance of those processes, which is one of the most vital steps in the BPM discipline. Finding a BPM suite that is flexible enough to fit all your needs is the first step towards success.

BPM Tool for continuous improvement.

The 4 stages of the BPM discipline let you continuously improve your business processes:

1) Modeling your business processes, using a notation like BPMN. This notation is a worldwide standard by the OMG.
2) Execute your business processes using a BPM Suite. Let your users use the automated process.
3) Measure how your processes are running using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
4) Define improvements for your processes based on your objective findings. After that, restart at step 1.

Of course, you want to execute this cycle over and over. The “cheaper” and “faster” it is, the easier you will improve your processes.

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Unforeseen events require agility in your BPM Suite.

While you are moving towards your objective, unexpected changes, new requirements, problems and errors may arise. After that, you need to respond quickly. A low-code BPM Suite lets you:

1) Model your form and workflow without coding. Just drag and drop fields and BPMN elements.
2) Test the new version of the process, with the changes, in a sandbox. Don’t worry about breaking anything.
3) Does it work? Deploy this version into production with just 1 click.
4) Immediately measure the process to see if your changes were effective.

In this context, a low-code Cloud BPM tool lets you avoid costly coding hours and implementation services. You can focus on your business and achieving your goals. In other words, you know the BPM Suite will do its part of the job. Just manage the versions of each process and move forward quickly.

Agile doesn’t mean weak.

A BPM Suite running in the cloud and allowing a fast time-to-market of your processes doesn’t need to have a short set of features. In fact, Flokzu is very agile and includes advanced features needed by big corporations and high tech teams. The fact is that when you move forward in your automation path, you will need more and more advanced features to continue improving your processes. Certainly, the worst scenarios is using a tool that being very easy-to-use, fall short of advanced features. As a way of example, Flokzu supports plenty of advances features, like parallel routingintermediate timerscustom reportsnon-interrupting timersinternal databases, etc.

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Summing up…

In conclusion, you need a BPM tool for process automation. But not every BPM Suite will help you achieve your goals as fast as you need. A cloud BPM Suite, specially a low-code one like Flokzu will help. The right set of basic features will help you at the beginning. Most importantly, powerful advanced features will help you when you become more sophisticated and demand them.