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Why Flokzu?

Taking your company to the next level

Flokzu is a process automation tool that streamlines and simplifies your work, making it more efficient. Whether in our cloud version or on-premise, our platform allows you to achieve better results and attain an extraordinary ROI.
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Our approach

Results oriented

Optimize your company based on objective data. Make informed decisions and measure your company's performance.
A platform that you can really use

Our platform is designed for you

With Flokzu, any business user can design, develop and automate processes. Our goal is to let anyone automate their entire business without needing IT knowledge or technical skills.

Real people automating real processes.

Our tool is designed to help all types of organizations to automate processes of all types and from different areas.
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How will Flokzu help your team?

Improve your team’s efficiency.

Flokzu will help your team to work more organized, with less lost emails and endless spreadsheets.

Crystal clear communication

Avoid misunderstandings and forgotten tasks. With Flokzu everyone has the information they need, and knows exactly what tasks they have assigned. Have a complete audit trail at your disposal.

Easy and scalable automation

Design and automate any process your team needs in a matter of hours. Flokzu is a powerful platform that provides a real solution for your processes.

Data for continuous improvement

Flokzu will provide you with objective data about your processes. You can find both real-time and historical data that will help you make the right decisions to improve your team’s performance.

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Try Flokzu now!

Meet the platform that gathers the power you need, with a friendly User Interface, and the price that you want.