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Revolutionize Your HR Processes with BPM Automation

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Choosing what your company needs

Human Resources is one of the most prolific departments in any company in terms of processes. Often, those processes are handled via email, or with endless spreadsheets, or even Whatsapp. This provides a sense of lack of professionalism that affects the performance and status of the entire company. Automating the whole department with one single tool is possible with Flokzu. Optimize your resources, improve compliance with corporate policy, and gain more time to spend on more complex issues.

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Increase productivity & revenue

Every participant will be able to complete their tasks on time, resulting in a more efficient operation. Increase your revenue by continuously improving your processes.


Managing your processes will result in an agile company. Make decisions in half the time you are making them now. All involved parties will be able to continue working as efficient and effective as ever.


Model your processes as your company may need and adapt them as you want. With low-code / no-code technology, you will be able to automate any process without IT knowledge or external consultants.

Task management

Reach your goals by managing each task. Track their status from the beginning to the end. Know where the bottlenecks are, and obtain the information and data you need to optimize every task in your processes.

Objective data

Using Flokzu, you will obtain objective data regarding the performance of your processes, both active and past. You can set up Custom Reports with the information your team values most.

Digital transformation

Have in one place all your digital documents, databases, forms, and the processes associated with them. Eliminate all the inefficiency of handling a million spreadsheets, emails, or even Whatsapp messages.

The latest on BPM for HR

Request for reimbursements

This is one of the most common processes in any organization. Automating this process will mean much less paperwork in various departments, leaving time to work on more relevant and complex tasks and leaving this process on autopilot.
Another vital benefit of automating this process with Flokzu is that it can be initiated anywhere from a mobile device. This allows you to save even more time and prevents people from forgetting to initiate it. In addition, formally modeling this process will improve compliance with the corporate refund policy.
reimbursement request process
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Performance review

Performance appraisal Ais key to improvement and recognition, but it involves a large number of interconnected tasks and coordinated actions between different people. If this process is not automated, it takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate all the parties involved.
This workflow cannot be relegated to memory or goodwill. It must be formalized in a cloud-based workflow tool that is accessible to everyone involved. This is how the company will improve team member satisfaction.

New position application

Sometimes new positions are required, and the process of hiring someone is often very complicated. Usually, a lot of time is wasted on unnecessary interviews, or the wrong candidates are presented because the specifications need to be clarified. In addition, hundreds of emails are exchanged between one department and another, and so on.
You can model the process as it best suits the organization’s needs. Establish each step a candidate has to go through before it gets to an interview. After the interview, establish the following steps, whether the candidate is hired or not. All in the same Workflow. Set up automatic notifications, and enjoy a smooth process that will give you an organized workspace and efficient results.
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vacation request process

Vacation application

The vacation request process is one of the most commonly used in HR departments worldwide. However, this doesn’t make it less important or easier to execute. On the contrary, not having this process well automated can mean a lot of time and resources wasted in unnecessary steps.
Automating this process with Flokzu helps the organization better plan for absences. And employees have a user-friendly tool to request, track and know the resolution of their request, adapting the process to the company’s needs.

Workflows relacionados con Recursos Humanos

La gestión de todos los formularios y documentos de RRHH a través de Whatsapp o del correo electrónico es muy ineficiente y crea una sensación de falta de profesionalidad. Procesa con una misma herramienta las solicitudes de entrenamiento en determinados procedimientos o tecnologías médicas, avisos de inasistencias imprevistas, solicitudes de relocación o cambios de turnos, postulación para nuevos cargos o evaluaciones 360.
Automatizar la recepción de los formularios de RRHH y su procesamiento, generar alertas cuando se retrasen, escalamientos cuando sean necesarios y actualizaciones automáticas para los solicitantes. Crea y gestiona tsu workflows sin conocimientos de informática.
vacation request process

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