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Process automation made simple.

Yes, you can automate end-to-end processes within hours.

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Flokzu's process modeler
flokzu inbox on laptop and mobile
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Process automation and workflow deployment without IT knowledge

No complex set-ups or endless consultancy services. Design your own forms and workflows with a friendly to use tool, but powerful enough to automate your whole company

We can help you do more using less resources.

In Flokzu's process automation platform you will find your ally. Automate repetitive tasks, measure your processes performance, and optimize your company. You'll get home early with everything done!
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Software de Flokzu en mobiles
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Simple integrations with hundreds of platforms.

Integrate with your workspace. The information will flow seamlessly from platform to platform, making it even easier to automate your workflows.

Process Automation in 4 steps.

  • Model your cloud workflow

    Using the international standard BPMN and a simple drag-and-drop interface you can model your cloud workflow according to your organization's reality. Combine tasks, deadlines, time management, business rules and notifications without writing a single line of code. Deploying and running your processes in minutes/hours (instead of weeks/months) is a key benefit of your cloud BPM.

    flokzu process modeler
  • Customize the form

    Define the form that needs to be completed at each step of the process with an amazing Form Builder. Multiple field types and visibility options can be combined to meet every possible need. Default values, auto-populated content, functions and scripts to save valuable time and avoid mistakes. Arrange your fields using a grid layout and sections. A well-designed form is key to accomplish an intuitive and flexible cloud workflow.

    flokzu forms
  • Execute the process

    A key feature of your cloud BPM is that assignees will receive pending tasks on their Inbox in their PC or mobile. As the process instance moves along the workflow, each task will be assigned to a user or role automatically. Each task will display fields, attachments and comments. Use filters and searches to quickly find what you need and identify which tasks are more urgent. Reassign tasks when needed and check the audit trail for changes.

    flokzu inbox
  • Measure and Analyze

    Statistics are key in your cloud BPM initiative. They will show you how your processes are doing: What tasks are currently delayed? Which users/roles have more tasks assigned? Historical data will help you make better decisions: amount of processes launched, how many were completed and which tasks are more time-consuming. Custom Reports let you focus on what matters the most to you and your team. Share them with whoever you want or schedule to send via email (e.g. every week) increasing your cloud workflow efficiency.

    flokzu metrics dashboard
Want real results?

Strongest ROI in the market

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No complex install No-code automation Great customer service

Helping our customers transform their companies

Our customers became their own process heros and achieved great things autonomously. We are here to help you become the next process hero of your company.

We needed a solution like Flokzu

“ What we needed was a solution like Flokzu, because of a lot of work was coordinated by phone, Skype, mail, but we didn’t have a place to log our daily operative. It allowed us to work from distance, easily remind our daily tasks and look for information rapidly. “

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Digitalization in all processes is essential
“ Being such broad management and in a sector that brings so many continuous innovations, digitalization in all processes is essential. “
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Comess Group

It helped us identify unnecessary tasks and do more with less
“ Flokzu helped us improve the efficiency of our Supply Chain Management process, from requisition to the storage of materials. It helped us identify unnecessary tasks and do more with less. “
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This tool really has helped
“ This tool really has helped eliminate all the email communication to so many different departments… “
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United States

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Start today your journey towards process automation

Try us for free today! You'll see amazing results in a matter of days. Talk with one of our experts to help you set up your first process.
flokzu inbox on laptop and mobile