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AuraPortal alternative for real-life processes

In this article, we analyze and propose Flokzu Cloud BPM as a proven AuraQuantic (best known as AuraPortal) alternative for workflow and business process automation.

AuraQuantic, a robust tool known for its powerful process automation, is based on on-premise software installation. However, unlike Flokzu, it has limitations in key aspects.

Key Differentiators:

In addition to having a SaaS model, Flokzu offers easy adoption with an intuitive interface, allowing non-technical users to actively participate in process management. AuraQuantic does not have the option to create process versions and a testing environment (Sandbox) to test them in a secure environment before deploying them in production. In terms of external participants, Flokzu goes beyond by providing robust support for initiating processes without authentication, receiving information, or providing data and attachments at any point in the process. AuraQuantic has limitations in this regard.

In Conclusion:

AuraQuantic is a tool aimed at enterprises but lacks key features offered by Flokzu, such as easy adoption, process versions with Sandbox, and broader support for external participants. Flokzu, with its focus on ease of use and agility in development, stands out as the preferred option for those seeking a more complete, accessible, and adaptable solution.


Allows Process Analysts to model and deploy processes without IT knowledge.Limited
Clear and predictable public pricing model.No
Easy adoption (affordable price, create account quickly, set up a process in minutes, invite additional users).No
Process visibility and understandability. Modeling using BPMN 2.0 standard (Business Process Management Notation).
Process Versions and Sandbox for process managing, testing, and agile deployment.No
Full Document Management System, including field types, advanced searches using data and metadata and full-text search on attachments.Optional with cost
Advanced scripting engine, complex validations and behaviors, user interface customization.
External participants support, allowing non-authenticated users to start process instances (public form). Moreover, let them participate in the middle of the process execution.Limited
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