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Alternative to Bizagi for real-life processes

In this article, we analyze and propose Flokzu cloud BPM, as a proven alternative to Bizagi for business process modeling and automation, without coding or complex configurations.


Bizagi is a complete product for modeling (Bizagi Modeler) and subsequent automation and execution of business processes (Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Automation). In July 2022, very significant changes were introduced in Modeler licensing, affecting many process professionals. In addition, the execution tools are highly complex for functional users (non-IT).

The Bizagi Modeler
In the past decade, the modeling component (Bizagi Modeler) was massively adopted by process professionals because it was affordable, powerful and easy to use.

As of July 2022, Modeler licensing options were drastically reduced to only two: free (very limited in functionality) and Enterprise (with a minimum of 100 users). This left a large number of professionals unprotected to provide their consulting services in process modeling and analysis.

In this context, Flokzu BPM becomes an accessible and easy-to-use alternative for process professionals. In order to be easy to use for business users, Flokzu supports a reduced number of BPMN elements. This is key, as the BPMN standard is very comprehensive, but also complex. There are hundreds of elements, each with different configurations, which makes it extremely difficult to know and use them all correctly. In contrast, Flokzu offers a reduced palette with the most relevant elements for the configuration of administrative and management processes.

This allows the process professional to fully model administrative processes, of course. But also, and more importantly, it allows others who are not BPMN experts to quickly understand the processes, discuss them and improve them.

Flokzu licensing is affordable in price and easy to contract; process professionals can use the tool to model processes and save their processes in the cloud, or share them with other agile users. But most importantly, these processes can be deployed in production and executed immediately, as we will see next.

The execution of the processes.

The Bizagi BPM Suite enables the execution of processes. However, the passage from Bizagi Modeler to the execution engine is neither transparent nor simple. Due to the intrinsic complexity of generic BPMN models, the Bizagi execution engine has difficulties to execute some complex processes modeled in Bizagi Modeler, and the intervention of technology experts is necessary.

Additionally, the cost of licensing the Bizagi components to run the processes is high, both because of their list price and because of the hours required for their complex configuration, start-up and subsequent maintenance.

In contrast, Flokzu starts from the premise that the process model must be able to be executed without any modification or adjustment. In fact, there is a button to deploy the process and immediately put it into production to be executed. Process version management in Flokzu is very powerful. You store all of them in the cloud, you can test them in a secure SandBox, and you can define whether or not old instances will be automatically migrated to the latest version of the process. Finally, all Flokzu licensing is simple to understand, budget and project. A single price includes all components: the process modeler, process execution engine, end-user application, and real-time and historical process analysis tools.

Whether it is just to model processes, and the Bizagi Modeler is no longer an attractive alternative, or you also want to run the processes, Flokzu is an excellent alternative to Bizagi. Flokzu is a pure no-code tool, which does not require complex configurations for modeling, but also for deploying and running processes. The price is much simpler to understand, and includes all components, with no surprises.


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