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Alternative to Bizagi for real-life processes

In this article, we analyze and propose Flokzu cloud BPM, as a proven alternative to Bizagi for business process modeling and automation, without coding or complex configurations.

Bizagi is a comprehensive product for modeling, automation, and execution of business processes. However, it has two very important disadvantages: its limited licensing options and the process execution method.
Key Differentiators:

Bizagi offers only two licensing options: a free version with limited functionality and an Enterprise version, which requires a minimum of 100 users. This limitation excludes numerous professionals and consultants looking for process modeling and analysis services. In contrast, Flokzu offers accessible and easy-to-contract licensing, allowing professionals and consultants to obtain its services without restrictions.

Challenges in Process Execution:

While Bizagi Modeler allows process execution, the transition to the execution engine is neither transparent nor simple. This process presents difficulties, especially with complex processes and often requires the intervention of technology experts. On the other hand, Flokzu simplifies execution without the need for modifications. A dedicated button allows processes to be deployed immediately in production. Additionally, version management in Flokzu is robust, storing in the cloud, facilitating testing in a secure Sandbox, and offering the option to automatically migrate old instances to the latest version of the process.


Whether for modeling processes or executing them, Flokzu stands out as an exceptional alternative to Bizagi. With a no-code interface, a simple deployment process, and transparent pricing, Flokzu offers a complete solution without complications, unlike Bizagi.

Recognitions that set us apart


Allows functional users to deploy the modeled processes without complex configurations.Limited
Pricing Model includes all necessary components, is clear and predictable.No
Easy and fast adoption (affordable price, create online account, start using).No
Process Visibility. Modeling with BPMN 2.0 element set specific to back-office processes.
Process versioning and testing in a secure environment (Sandbox).Limited
1-click deployment of processes in production.Limited
Support for scripts, complex validations and advanced behaviors. Ul customization.
Support for public forms (delegated authentication or not), plus draft saving.
Option to create forms with AI
Option to create scripts with AI
Real-time support staffed by engineersDoes not specify
Comparison Bizagi Flokzu EN
flokzu inbox on laptop and mobile
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