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BPM tool

Optimize on your own.

When you find yourself and your company on the road to optimize your time and resources, you usually know where to go. But sometimes, unexpected events arise, and at that moment, a BPM tool that helps you overcame these issues, is your most valuable asset.

A BPM tool that clears the road.

A BPM tool should be adaptable to any business need, on any scale. Through the use of an extensive tool, it allows managing several business processes that otherwise would take much more time and employee hours and efforts that could be used more effectively.

The BPM discipline involves four main steps in the way of fully optimizing a business.
1) Through the use of BPMN, a worldwide known standard, model your business process.
2) Execute your business processes using a BPM tool and let it be used across the whole company.
3) Analyze how your processes are going using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
4) Use the information you acquire to make informed desitions, and improve the overall performance of the company.

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A business that constantly changes, and a BPM tool that changes too.

You may think that adopting a BPM tool would be difficult for your business, given that the processes that you need to automate, may change over time. Luckily for everyone, a low-code / no-code tool like Flokzu, allows you to change the presets of your processes and test them in a way that doesn’t interfere with your real data.

Model your form and workflow in an easy way. Test your processes, make the changes that you need, and deploy it when it better fits your needs! Does it work? Measure how effective your process is!

The power that you need through this journey.

A cloud BPM tool with advanced features that facilitate adjusting the processes to your business needs, is in fact what makes the difference in optimizing with efficiency. Flokzu is a BPM tool that provides the desired features that will allow you to make your own way, more independently. As an example, some of the advanced, but yet easy to use features that Flokzu supports are parallel routingintermediate timerscustom reportsnon-interrupting timersinternal databases, etc.

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Point of sale requests processes

In conclusion

Using a BPM tool for automating your business is key to achieve growth. Adopting a tool that is flexible, friendly to use, but powerful enough to fit any of your business needs, is what makes the difference at the moment of running your processes.

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