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Given the deep knowledge we have on the BPMN discipline, and by being caught up with the tool development every day, we sometimes assume that everyone knows as much as we do. And often, we realize that’s incorrect. Most people are not interested in learning about workflow design or management tools. And it’s right that this happens. So, in order to be able to be more helpful to our customers, we designed a new feature that will make even easier the usage of a BPM tool.

BPM tool with preset processes


A BPM tool at the forefront.

Recently we’ve added special settings for when you create your Flokzu account. Now you will be able to choose between four different options, made to suit different work sectors; Services Companies, Industrial Businesses, or Human Resources departments. Likewise, we decided to keep a Default option, which has only one preset process, Document Approval. This process adapts to any business need, given that it has various applications.

For each sector we have carefully chosen three processes that are both convenient and useful:

  • Services Profile
    • Identify Business Opportunities
    • Document Approval
    • Employee Expense Reimbursement
  • Industrial Profile
    • Maintenance Request
    • Supply Request
    • Document Approval
  • HR Profile
    • Employee Expense Reimbursement
    • Vacation Request
    • Employee Recruitment

Additionally, the preset processes make use of some advanced features within Flokzu´s app. For example, in the process of Employee Recruitment, Public Forms are used. These forms are incredibly useful because it allows candidates (that are not Flokzu users) to fill in the requested information. Also, you can choose forms with custom field visibility. This allows the fields that are for internal information entry, not to be visible to those who apply. This means that certain values can be visible, editable, or hidden in various moments of the process.

Benefits of having preset processes.

Having preset processes when you start using a BPM tool has several benefits and facilities, that make it even more attractive to buy a BPM tool license.

  • In a few minutes, without any previous knowledge about the BPM discipline, or the need to set anything, you can have the processes that you need ready to deploy.
  • It allows the user to understand in a simple way how the tool works, together with the most used parts of the tool.
  • Last but not least, it allows saving time on the execution of the tasks.

On the other hand, is important to mention other benefits that not only involve work efficiency. Likewise, the features that are used in the processes are very advanced, and the user can access them without having to write a single line of code, or without any previous knowledge. It is of utmost importance that our clients can use our BPM tool by themselves easily. They can deploy processes, measure and improve them, and reach a better performance at their job.

In conclusion…

Having a BPM tool that gives immediate solutions is essential. Not only for being able to access complex features but because you can use it to its full capability, without wasting valuable hours learning how to use the tool. Thus, the benefits of efficiency and effectiveness that you gain, are greater than the costs of the BPM tool, especially when it is a Software as a Service license, given that it is extremely accessible for any company, of any size.

Schedule here a 30 minutes session and see how a BPM tool can help your business.

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