Process Template: Document Approval Workflow


Document Approval is one of the most common workflows in any organization. As a result of automating this process, you will streamline approvals, improve efficiency and increase accountability. We provide here a ready-to-use template, to be adjusted according to your needs. It can be deployed in minutes in Flokzu Cloud BPM.

Consequently, we designed this Document Approval template very broadly. Therefore, it can be adapted to a variety of approval processes. Some examples are:

  • Budgets approval
  • Contracts approval
  • Payment orders approval
  • Campaigns approval
  • Marketing reports approval
  • Presentations approval

Document Approval workflow

You can define and adjust the process workflow using the BPMN standard. The template includes an initial draft of the workflow:

Document Approval Workflow Template in Flokzu BPM

Document Approval Form.

The form fields are:

  • Title of the document
  • Description of the document
  • Version of the document

[In case of rejection]

  • Reason for rejection
  • Corrections

Workflow behavior

If the evaluator decides to reject the document and requests additional corrections, he/she can enter them and the reason for rejection in the last fields. Maybe you can use a script to make these fields mandatory only for the rejection decision.

You can complete the evaluation process simply attaching the document (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or otherwise). Or, you can use a rich text field to store the information directly in Flokzu. In this case, you need to add this new field to the form.

The task “Modify Document” is assigned to the Process Initiator, i.e. the user who initiated the process. Both email notifications also have to Document Creator as the recipient. So, they will be automatically notified.

Probably you will also need to change the assignee of the task “Evaluate Document”. Just specify the user or role responsible for accepting or rejecting the document.

Another improvement would be inserting an interruptive timer in the “Review Document” task. This timer allows to set up a period (i.e 3 days), so you can follow another workflow branch (i.e alerting via email about the delay and reassign the revision to somebody else).

How to import the template into your account

This video shows how quickly import and edit the Approval Document Template or any other predefined process

Document Approval benefits

As a result of automating the document approval workflow you can expect:

  1. Streamline your approvals. Hence, forget losing documents in mailboxes.
  2. Accountability. Know who submitted it, who approved, when and what.
  3. Productivity. Let your employees focus just on document revision and improvement.
  4. Security. Define who has access to the document, in each stage. Furthermore, keep information centralized and backup everything at once.

You can also schedule a work session here to model a real-life process in your organization together