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This Template is useful to automate employees’ expense reimbursements. It can be used for all kinds of expenses: transportation, accommodation, travel, supplies, etc.

Advantages of automating this process:

  • Firstly, it eliminates manual processes and time delays in expense processing.
  • Secondly, it improves compliance to corporate reimbursement policies.
  • It also reduces the entire reimbursement cycle time.
  • It can be run from anywhere from a mobile device.
  • Finally, no paperwork needed.

Expense Reimbursement workflow

In Flokzu you can adjust the workflow of the expense reimbursement process to meet your particular needs. This template already includes an initial definition, which will help you get started faster. The initial diagram in BPMN notation is:

Expense reimbursement process

The process form

As with the workflow, this template already includes the typical form fields of a reimbursement process:

  • Employee Name
  • Department
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Description
  • Total reimbursement claimed

Employees just complete the fields and attach receipts/invoices/tickets. When they create a new expense report, the information is stored in one place (named process instance). Employees can also add additional information in the Comments tab of the process instance.

The reviewer of the report can immediately approve it, reject it or request more information. He/she can specify the information missing by adding a comment to the process instance. Then the process instance returns to the Process Initiator (the employee who created the report in the first place). You can repeat the cycle if you need more information.

The system automatically notifies if the application was approved or rejected using email Tasks.

You can edit the workflow and make sure it enforces the expense reimbursement policies of the organization. For example, if expense reimbursements for more than $200 must go through the approval of a supervisor, the workflow could look like this:

Expense reimbursement process

In this example you can divide the flow if the expenses are greater than $200 using the following setting:

Expense reimbursement process

To learn more about defining the workflow based on field values, watch this video.

Save draft to make it easier for travelers

If you are using a public form so that anyone in your organization can start the reimbursement process, then you can also activate the Draft function.

A typical use case would be:

  • The user goes to lunch. When finished, starts the expense reimbursement process, and charges the cost of lunch to the expenses table.
  • Save to Draft.
  • Flokzu sends an email with a link to resume the reimbursement request at another time.
  • The user at dinner accesses his email, clicks on the link, and adds the expense of the dinner to the same reimbursement request.
  • Repeat the procedure as necessary.
  • At the end of the trip, sends the request (finishes the draft).
  • The request immediately starts the defined workflow.

Activate the process in your account

Finally, remember that this and all of our process templates have System Roles (All Users, Administrator, etc.) as assignees for each task. In addition, this video will quickly show you how to import and customize a process template

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