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As an ambitious team providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, we truly appreciate the experts’ recognition, especially BPM awards. In fact, we are delighted every time a customer shares his impressions over a detailed review. Nowadays, most businesses rely on B2B expertise to choose a Business Process Management Suite, impressing professionals has become more significant than ever before.


Best BPM Software of the World – GoodFirms 2020

This year, after vast research done by the team of GoodFirms, they’ve concluded that Flokzu was the best Business Process Management Software in the market.

“The research process consists of three main crucial elements that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Each component is segregated into numerous metrics, such as identifying the complete background of every agency, experience in their expertise area, online market reputation and client feedback. “

WhaTech – https://bit.ly/2QR3rth


Flokzu 2019 & 2018 BPM Awards

SoftwareWorld has evaluated dozens of cloud BPM tools all over the world. They built this top 10 Business Process Management Software list. Between several aspects, they evaluated how the software helps in smoothing all the design of processes. Furthermore, they weight how the cloud BPM provides the agility that is required for suiting all the requirements of the business.

Top Rated BPM Award for Flokzu


Top Workflow Management Software by GoodFirms

GoodFirms understands that, for successful businesses, small or big, a solid workflow process is a must to boost their productivity and growth. They have done detailed research and analysis and curated a list of widely used workflow management software, Flokzu is firmly among the Top 5.

Top Workflow Management Software BPM Award for Flokzu


The Digital Project Management Announces Flokzu as a Top Project Management Tool of 2019

The Digital Project Manager, one of the largest and most credible platforms for digital project management information and thought leadership, just released an expert review of the Top Project Management Tools of 2019. We’re pleased to announce that Flokzu ranked first on the Workflow Management Software list.

Best of 2019 BPM Award from dpm for Flokzu


Flokzu 2017 BPM Awards

Flokzu Cloud BPM Awards

Our efforts to drive experts’ attention towards Flokzu paid off. FinancesOnline, a top-rated B2B software directory that examines and features only the best business solutions, featured us. Appreciating the potential of our platform and its increasing adoption from customers all over the world, experts gave Flokzu a closer look. They concluded it met all productivity criteria recommended to BPM and Workflow tools users in 2017. The best part about it was discovering some unique functionalities, upon which experts decided to honor our tool with two of their top BPM Awards. The 2017 Rising Star Award honoring innovative and promising solutions. And the Great User Experience Award distinguishing reliable and intuitive systems.

To assure Flokzu’s contribution to the quality of business operations, experts discussed our system among the leading best BPM Suites for 2017. According to them, Flokzu offers an array of unique BPM advantages and reliable customization mechanisms. The evaluation included supporting the BPMN standard, relevant for BPM Awards. It enables collaboration both inside and outside the company. Experts also considered easiness to search and to process data. They were particularly fond of our efficient collaboration suite, which maximizes team potential. Being able to have a process running in hours rather than weeks was another pivotal point. Moreover, our flexible and transparent pricing is trust-pillar. Finally, the Software as a Service model is very suitable for small teams, startups, and big companies, lowering BPM entry barriers.

Some great B2B and BPM sites have also featured us. Among them, Predictive Analytics Today, BPTrends, Capterra, and Software Advice.


In Sum…

BPM Awards are a relevant recognition for the work we do. But most of all, for the value that Flokzu adds to more than 8,000 companies in 140 countries. Certainly, we will continue the hard work.

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