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Flokzu for BPM consultants and process improvement specialists is a great instrument to complement your consultancy services. You will provide a real, practical application to your customers to automate (not just modeling), measure and improve their business processes.

Flokzu for BPM consultants and process improvement specialists

Often those selling consulting services have difficulty delivering a practical application for the daily operation of companies. Seems like just modeling your customers business processes is not enough…

Flokzu for BPM consultants who know their customers

Flokzu for BPM consultants and process improvement specialists is an excellent partner. If you offer consulting services about BPM, process management, organizational management or strategies to optimize business processes, you can model your clients’ processes and give them access to Flokzu for employees to complete the assigned tasks.

No one better than you to identify the needs of your clients. Similarly, you know how their processes work. Therefore, you can model them easily and quickly. Another big advantage is that you can become familiar with the tool. Consequently, you can apply Flokzu to as many clients as you want. Most noteworthy, no downloads or installations needed.

Maybe your clients want access to the Administrator or Business Analyst view. Give the permission and the will be able to use process modeling as an activity to foster collaboration within the team.

A very useful feature of Flokzu is the ability to generate metrics, reports and measure KPI’s As a result, you can analyze the efficiency of your clients. Certainly, you can provide objective data on the operation of their business. Hence, you will help them to identify improvement opportunities and implement them.

How long does it take to complete a business process, which tasks are completed faster and which ones slower? This information can be useful to make strategic decisions and projections.

As a result, Flokzu allows you to:

  • Provide a practical application for your consulting services.
  • Present real data to justify your suggestions/advice.
  • Generate an objective analysis to help your clients make decisions based on their reality.
  • Materialize your services into something tangible for the client.
  • Better understand the processes of your clients by modeling them yourself.
  • Reuse the same know-how and experience with different clients.

Know more about our Consultants here or schedule a demo to discover how Flokzu for BPM consultants could help you to better serve your customers.

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