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It is common to have dozens of HR forms in manufacturing companies. Further, the Human Resources departments of these industries receive by e-mail, WhatsApp, or directly on paper hundreds of documents from employees, with all kinds of requirements, applications, incidents, etc.

These manual forms are sometimes lost. And always, always, they require a lot of time for tracking, locating, and processing. Obviously, this is a relevant cost for the company. And it also creates a sense of “lack of competence” in the HR area.

HR Forms in Manufacturing

Digitizing human resources forms in manufacturing industries means making them available electronically to all interested parties who may need them.

It also implies defining a process associated with each form. That is to say, the set of tasks, reviews, or activities that will have to be carried out in order to fulfill the purpose of that form.

Human Resources areas usually offer numerous forms for different purposes, for example:

  • Training Request.
  • Notice of Unexpected Absence (Sickness, etc.)
  • Vacation request.
  • Report of dangerous incidents or situations
  • Request for salary increase.
  • Request for transfer (between locations or business units)
  • Occupational safety and health (OSH) topics
  • Request for salary advances.
  • etc.

In all these processes, the digitalization scheme using Flokzu Cloud BPM is the same. Firstly, an electronic form is made available to any employee who needs it. Each form will contain the relevant fields for its purpose.

Secondly, when that digital form is submitted, a workflow will be launched to process it. Each person (from HR or other areas) will receive the electronic form and will complete the necessary tasks.

The following illustration shows a conceptual scheme of this operation, with a form to request training.

HR Forms in Manufacturing. Operation scheme with an associated workflow to process the form.

Create your own forms (DIY)

Flokzu allows building each form, for each process, without programming. In other words, “Do it yourself”.

Likewise, you can add all the necessary fields to the electronic form, using a friendly tool. These fields will store different types of data. In addition, it is possible to define if they will be required, editable, read-only, or hidden.

The following illustration shows an example of a vacation request form, with some typical fields.

HR Form to receive Vacation Requests in Flokzu.

The business user, who may be someone from the Human Resources department, builds his or her own form. As a result, these business users gain autonomy to create and manage their forms.

It is likely that in the future this form will change. No problem. Certainly, you will be able to introduce these changes. After that, all the new processes will start with the new form.

Form and process versions

Flokzu allows you to manage the versions of the forms. As a result, you can go back to a previous version if necessary. Moreover, you can define that the process instances created with a previous version, will migrate to the last available form version.

The workflows associated with the forms

Naturally, each form will require a set of tasks. Each task may be performed by a single user or a role shared by several users.

The next step is defining the workflow, including all the tasks of the process. You can graphically draw it using a BPMN diagram. This diagram includes all the tasks, participants, and gateways to control the flow of the form. Additionally, it also includes the due dates for each task, the alerts in case they are exceeded, or possible reassignments.

For example, below you can find the “vacation request” workflow associated with the previously presented form:

Workflow of an HR form to receive Vacation Requests at Flokzu.

Benefits of Electronic HR forms

Analyzing hundreds of clients who have automated their Human Resources processes and forms with Flokzu, we have seen that certain concrete benefits are repeated:

  • Substantial improvement in the service provided by HR to employees. They have a digital mechanism to make applications and provide information. In addition, employees can check the status of each of their applications themselves.
  • Noticeable cost reduction in the HR area. You will eliminate paper costs like printing, printers and storage. Furthermore, by having 100% digital documents, the searches and tasks perform faster, allowing to process more forms with the same staff.
  • Centralization of all relevant information, with the possibility of issuing reports to analyze the requests received, the time spent, etc.


Human Resources departments in manufacturing companies handle tens or hundreds of forms to meet the different needs of employees and the company. Managing these forms by mail, Whatsapp or paper is inefficient, costly, and risks losing relevant information.

Dozens of manufacturing companies have automated these forms and their associated workflows with Flokzu. The benefits are immediate, visible, measurable and sustainable over time.

To sum up, we invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our experts, to better understand your needs and automate one of your processes together.

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