Modeling a business process using BPMN – info-graphics


Modeling a business process with BPMN could seem complex, besides being an OMG international standard. But it is not, if you know which are the really relevant BPMN elements. In this info-graphics, we show them, in order to model and deploy your processes in minutes/hours, instead of days/weeks. And please remember: in our Process Library you’ll find several ready-to-use workflows.

Modeling a business process using BPMN in Flokzu
Final recommendations when modeling a business process

As it happen in several standards, it isn’t necessary to know every detail to use them effectively. The BPMN standard offers a great number of modeling elements. They are useful to represent almost every business process, in any industry. This flexibility sometimes turns into complexity. But, usually, a small subset of these BPMN elements is enough when modeling a business process in your organization.

A reduced subset of BPMN elements is easier to learn and use by process analysts. And it also enables discussion and business processes revision. And of course, it enables continuous process improvement cycles (also read: Process Modeling fosters Collaborative Teams)

A very important recommendation: you should always consider your processes as “alive”. There is not a “final” version of  a business process. Processes must evolve, as the company does. Customer needs, competitors offering, regulations, are always changing. A good initial model is very important. The ability to modify and evolve this process is even more important. Because of this, it is very important to have a graphical, easy, friendly tool when modeling a business process. The process modeling shouldn’t require technical skills. In the same line, you need to deploy your processes quickly. Use them. Measure them (using KPI’s). And improve them. This is the continuous improvement cycle proposed by the Business Process Management discipline.

In this post we summarized the main BPMN elements and best practices, to let you have your process running in minutes/hours, instead of days/weeks, using Flokzu Cloud BPM Suite.

You can also schedule a work session here to model a real-life process in your organization together