Process Template: Supply Request


This template was created to automate the office supply request process. Employees can use it to request and approve supplies (from staples to chairs, a new PC or whatever they need to fulfill their tasks successfully).

Advantages of automating this process:

  • Supply purchases are made in a timely manner.
  • Employees have a formal channel to request the purchase of supplies.
  • Registers past purchases, together with their cost and the selected vendor. That information can be found quickly if it needs to be reused (to repeat the order or to present a claim).
  • The employee who requested the purchase receives a notification indicating whether it was approved or not. In case of rejection, the reason is clearly stated.
  • Divides the whole process into tasks and helps you identify at which stage what stage each supply request is.

Template’s workflow:


Template’s fields:

  • Item
  • Quantity
  • Currency
  • Price per Unit
  • Evaluation
  • Vendor

These fields have different visibility levels according to each stage. For example, the vendor is entered during the “Purchase Item” stage, whereas the Evaluation should be completed during the “Decide purchase” stage. You can add additional fields, such as the date on which the supplies are needed, the Department requesting the purchase and more.

Remember that this and all of our process templates have System Roles as assignees for each task. You can edit this template to better fit your organization, create new roles, invite users, add or delete fields and event modify the workflow. This video will quickly show you how to import and customize a process template.