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It was time to rest, so Tommy and Clerius thought about implementing a vacation request workflow (holiday request). As a result, this workflow will allow employees to easily create their leave requests. Furthermore, it will ease the review and approval process, enabling business continuity.

Flokzu HR Vacation Request Workflow 1


Vacation Request Workflow

The workflow for requesting and approving vacation (or holiday) is one of the typical examples of process automation. But that doesn’t make it any less important. And it is not well resolved in all organizations either.

Certainly Tommy was the most practical and task-oriented. Consequently, he thought about the problem and told Clerius:

This problem has to already be solved in thousands of organizations. Let’s not reinvent the wheel. Let’s take a process that has already worked for other companies, adjust to our needs, and resolve the issue quickly.

Clerius agreed. Without hesitation, he accessed Flokzu Cloud BPM’s process library. And there he found a predefined vacation request process.

The process was already defined, although it was a little too simple for the needs of CleTo Inc. The BPMN diagram was as follows:

BPMN model for the Workflow Vacation Request process in Flokzu Cloud BPM

Taking advantage of the no-code / low-code features of the BPMN engine provided by Flokzu, he was able to add more activities to the process. Immediately, he ran the process and tested it. After that, Clerius made the final adjustments and deployed it.

Friendly submission of applications

On the other hand, it was the solution usability. Clerius, always thinking about the comfort of his team, commented to Tommy:

I love the new vacation request workflow. But we can’t ask everyone to have a username and password to request a vacation once a year. It’s very uncomfortable. We won’t get them to adopt the new process.

Tommy researched and concluded that the public forms feature would allow employees to start the license request workflow without requiring authentication (username and password). Moreover, he also found the external participants feature, which allows him to request additional information from the applicant, halfway through the process.


The holiday request workflow is just as important as the vacation itself. Automating this process helps the organization plan absences better. And employees have a friendly tool to request, follow up, and know the resolution of their request.

This is a typical example of an application in a cloud workflow tool. But it is also a case of great relevance to the operation of the organization. And of course, with a direct impact on employee satisfaction.

A software solution that allows implementing the vacation request workflow in a very short time, and without requiring technical knowledge, adds a differential value to the business.

As in other relevant processes, the recommendation is to accept the free invitation to try Flokzu’s Premium service. In just a few hours, you will be able to validate the process, adjust it to your needs and if all goes well, deploy it for the entire organization.

If you want, schedule here to work together. We will define your process and you will see it running in less than 30 minutes.

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