Process Templates: Vacation Request


Every organization, regardless of its size or business area, has to coordinate employees’ vacation request. This process is ideal to be automated because it takes place every year and the same information is always needed.

Our Process Template Vacation Request is available to be imported in Flokzu. It will help you create and evaluate vacation requests.

Template’s workflow:

workflow vacation request

The template’s form includes the following fields:

  • Name
  • Business Area
  • Departure Date
  • Expected Return Date
  • Additional Comments
  • Evaluation

You can customize these fields to adapt them to the reality of your organization. For example, you might need to add a new field to enter the total amount of days, the name of the supervisor, etc.

This video will quickly show you how to import and customize a Process Template, including how to add a new field, assign new Participants and create a new Role.

You can also schedule a work session here to model a real-life process in your organization together