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Alternative to Nintex to empower your business users

In this article, we analyze and propose Flokzu BPM as a proven alternative to Nintex, for the automation of processes and workflows. And most importantly, this automation and digitization can be done by people in the business, without them being programmers.


Nintex is a powerful and flexible tool, but too much complex for business users (non-IT's). It uses a proprietary and outdated notation for process modeling, instead of the BPMN standard. This requires training for users.

Small processes are fine, but larger ones are really difficult to manage with this notation. This prevents rapid development of workflow applications and business users from creating new processes and evolving existing ones.

The workflow builder is very powerful, but also very complex. It is designed for IT staff or programmers. Lots of information and configuration in a myriad of submenus, attributes and options; to configure simple conditions in the flow you have to understand programming concepts such as variables, etc. Very error-prone and time-consuming, which prevents quick implementations and reduces ROI. Difficult to maintain in the long term.

Nintext's user interface is unfriendly, transaction-oriented and with a table-like design. It could generate difficulties to adopt the system, adding to the natural resistance to new tools, an old user interface.

Nintex's licensing model and its high price, avoids being able to perform proofs of concept and show results quickly. In addition, it involves a very relevant investment in the long term, considering the limitation in the number of processes that can be deployed (it requires additional payments to automate more processes).

In conclusion…

We are sure that you will find in Flokzu an optimal alternative to Nintex so that your own business users, without depending on the IT team, can automate and digitize real processes of the organization. Flokzu supports the standard notation (BPMN), which accelerates the understanding of the models, allows their communication and continuous improvement by business users. Flokzu's user interface provides a much more modern and agile experience, thus ensuring system adoption, which is key to achieving the desired agility, along with a rapid return on investment. Finally, it is very important to be able to perform a proof of concept; Flokzu allows this to be done quickly and inexpensively, even for complex processes with hundreds of users and tasks involved.

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Gateways in the process that allow the workflow to be defined without programming, by a business user.No
User-friendly form builder that allows you to drag and drop components, define field visibility, without scripting or programming skills.No
Process visibility and understandability. In other words, modeling using the worldwide standard BPMN 2.0.No
Integration with Web Services without programming, both in the form (to retrieve or send data) and in the workflow (conditions, assignments, etc).Limited
Process versioning and Sandbox for comprehensive process testing.Limited
Full Document Management System, including field types, advanced searches using data and metadata and full-text search on attachments.
Modern and usable user interface. Deployment of process instances in card format, within each user's Inbox.No
Support for external participants, so that unauthenticated users can initiate processes and also participate in their intermediate stages to add information and attachments.Limited
The user interface, public forms and emails customizations using HTML and JavaScript for scripting.Limited
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