Custom software

In addition to being compatible with hundreds of popular tools, our platform offers the flexibility to easily integrate with custom software designed specifically for your business. Whatever the nature of your internal system, Flokzu is prepared to adapt and synchronize, giving you even more personalized and effective process management.

In turn, you have the possibility of connecting Flokzu with various ERP tools. If you don’t find something specific in our list or have particular questions about the integration of Flokzu with your custom software, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our BPM suite integration is extensive and is here to help you optimize your workflows, maximizing the efficiency of your operations.

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Make full use of the combined advantages of the tools and achieve remarkable results. It is not only about facilitating the interaction between tools, but also about enhancing efficiency and strengthening your daily efforts.

The combinations of the Flokzu suite translate into a perfected experience, making it easier for you not only to improve your processes, but also to investigate new ways of working that drive innovation and quality in each project.

Tools at hand

With Bind ERP, you’ll discover how task management speed is increased, facilitating decision-making and perfecting workflow processes. This tool not only transforms the way you handle your processes, but it also unveils a range of solutions for dealing with daily challenges.

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