American Courier

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American Courier:

Company Profile

American Courier is an Argentine company specializing in door-to-door delivery of packages and documents worldwide.


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Prior to 2019, American Courier faced challenges with repetitive and extensive operational workflows, making it difficult to maintain control over their activities. Seeking to improve efficiency and operational tracking, they decided to find a more automated solution. Currently, they have implemented Flokzu across various areas of their organization, including Operations, Customer Service, Administration, and Sales. Since the change, “we have experienced improved processes and automation, enabling us to provide a better service in less time”.

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Flokzu is the fundamental technological tool in our production and administrative process.

Results achieved

Digital transformation

They have transitioned away from using Excel spreadsheets and email, adopting automation and optimization of their processes.

Business growth

We have increased our operations by 50% with the same workforce.

Time reduction

The implementation of Flokzu has significantly reduced working time and improved organization, control, and tracking of operations.

Cost reduction

Flokzu has allowed us to achieve significant cost savings, enabling us to offer better prices to our customers and enhancing our competitiveness in the market.

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