ANDA (Asociación Nacional de Afiliados)

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Client Profile:

ANDA is a non-profit civil association founded in 1933. The organization works to develop and unify in a common idealism, the spirit of fraternity and social solidarity, seeking to solve or alleviate the problems of the practical life of Uruguayans, providing coverage through a wide range of services.


The year our collaboration began






year of creation


When contacting INTEGRADOC (now called Flokzu on-premise), ANDA sought a system that could not only meet their precise needs. In addition, they were looking for a partnership that would provide them with long-term solutions. For this reason, they decided to work with our company to digitally transform the transversal processes in all areas that manage vital documents for the organization.

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Results achieved

Digital transformation

We achieved the complete digitalization of their documents.


The management roles acquired complete autonomy to maintain and evolve the processes implemented and develop new ones. This results from the platform's low-code / no-code feature.


We decided to train a team of ANDA employees to acquire advanced skills in using our tool. An on-site project was set up, and the employees quickly learned to use our software.

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