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The history of Banco de Comercio or Bancom began in 1967 in Lima, Peru. Today, their mission is to empower those who pursue their dreams and provide them with excellent service based on their values. Through transparency and the implementation of cutting-edge technology, they transform the interaction with financial services into a rewarding experience for consumers.


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The need to decentralize, standardize, streamline, optimize, and digitize existing manual processes and procedures, as well as the necessity to generate information from different processes for analysis and improvement proposals, drove this initiative. Currently, the primary focus is on enhancing business processes that significantly impact customers, spanning various areas of the bank, including Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Risk Management, Legal, Operations, and Customer Service, among others.

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"Flokzu is helping us standardize procedures and processes because handling them manually led to rework due to errors and delays."

Results achieved

Digital transformation

"We had processes and procedures that were highly manual, involving the collection of compliance signatures at every service station, both from customers and bank employees, resulting in delays. In the event of complaints or information requests, we lacked procedure tracking and turnaround times."

From paper to digital

"We've saved on printing, which has led to a reduction in the volume of physical files and supporting documents. With integrations, we download documents and store them in virtual folders. We are also replacing physical signatures in administrative requests with biometric verifications, which enable the forms, among other projects."

Comprehensive automation

"We have fully digitized processes involving the participation of both customers and employees, with electronic authorizations. Additionally, we've automated simpler administrative procedures with electronic authorizations and automated communication of progress updates and customer responses through Flokzu's messaging system."

Integration with core systems

"We are integrating with our CORE systems to load data directly into the forms from the system, eliminating manual data entry and potential errors, as well as updating records where necessary." ​

Data retrieval

"Report generation is advantageous as it allows us to analyze activity durations at each station using statistical information to identify continuous improvement opportunities."

Elimination of operational tasks

"We have successfully reassigned job roles by eliminating unnecessary operational tasks."

More success stories​

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