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CleverIT is a company that merges talent, passion, and technological excellence to empower and elevate their clients’ IT teams, accelerating innovation and optimizing software development processes through the use of artificial intelligence and disruptive solutions.


The year our collaboration began






With CleverIT's growth and the reorganization of existing departments, along with the creation of new ones, it became crucial to formalize many of the most common and essential processes. Flokzu empowered their Operations department to model and implement these processes, while also integrating their systems through our API.

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“Today we can say that all divisions of our company use Flokzu. Talent & Capacity, Operations & Delivery, People, Sales, and Finances all use Flokzu daily.”

Results Achieved

Comprehensive automation

“Processes such as onboarding and offboarding employees, updating payroll data, purchasing supplies, and contracting services were the first to be modeled and implemented in Flokzu.”

Digital transformation

“The ability to modify workflows with new steps, notifications, and programmatically change forms or validations, identify bottlenecks, and designate substitutes when needed, among other capabilities provided by Flokzu, has significantly improved our administrative and operational work, enhancing the efficiency of our team's tasks.”

Total traceability

“We have complete traceability of each process and real-time visibility into the status of every instance.”

Time reduction

“Today, we spend only the minimum necessary time on each step, and our communications are effective through the use of comments at each instance. There is no doubt about the significant quantitative and qualitative impact on our team.”

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