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Colliers is the leading multinational in corporate real estate services in Colombia, a global company that comprehends clients’ needs and offers timely solutions with top-notch service. Colliers International Colombia S.A.S. has been a market leader in the real estate sector for over 24 years, having been founded in April 1999. Through its comprehensive portfolio of solutions, it has managed the country’s most significant real estate assets. They have a presence in 65 countries, with 8 across Latin America.


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Being at the forefront of the Real Estate Industry, they needed to empower their organization with a digital transformation that would accompany their efforts. The pain that triggered our alliance was in the centralization of the purchasing area: "There was no platform to centralize and have real-time control of the purchases made in each of the projects carried out by Colliers Colombia," Laura Anaya (Head of Purchasing). What started with the automation of this area became a project that today encompasses different areas of the organization.

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We have automated more than 120 processes from different areas, including purchasing processes, legalizations, meeting minutes, inventory, contracts, and innovation control, among others.

Results achieved

Digital transformation

Several of its processes were carried out manually, for example, in Excel. In the case of the purchasing area, the Financial Manager kept it in control in a notebook.

Time reduction

Implementing our BPM tool has allowed them to carry out processes in an agile and efficient manner.

Expansion to Brazil

Thanks to the great work and results obtained with the implementation of Flokzu in Colliers Colombia, since 2022, we also work with Colliers Brazil to automate and optimize their business processes.

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