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Since 2021, Emova S.A. has been the concessionaire of the Buenos Aires Subway Network. Their consortium is composed of Benito Roggio Transport and Metrovías, combining the expertise and know-how necessary to make this means of transportation the leading system in urban mobility.


The year our collaboration began




Before 2023, Emova faced the need to automate and digitize its processes, considering it essential that the chosen tool be user-friendly, fast, and provide a good experience for end users. "So the change was quite noticeable because from the first day, we were able to integrate with different areas and sectors that helped us focus everything on this BPM"

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"Flokzu greatly improved the monitoring and control of metrics, especially something that we didn't have in mind in several of our processes."

Results achieved

Digital Transformation

"Before Flokzu, we didn't have any tool that could integrate these needs we had for our business. So, we depended on isolated tools and quite outdated manual processes, especially with the number of operational areas we have."

Comprehensive Automation

"We started by automating a process of reports and complaints the subway received, and then we moved on to the operational areas, a lot of the checklist part, the emergency guard part, a lot of more operational services that affect users."

Time Reduction

"They helped us have a much greater operational efficiency because all those manual processes that had to be passed or digitized are now focused on a single tool."

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