Free Trade Zone - DGC

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Free Trade Zone - DGC

Client Profile:

Uruguay’s General Directorate of Commerce (DGC) is an agency whose mission is to advise the Ministry of Economy and Finance on free trade zones and consumer protection and execute the national policy on these matters in line with the Government’s strategy. 

The Free Trade Zone facilitates the activity and dissemination of Uruguayan free trade zones to promote investment, international trade, and labor employment.


The year our collaboration began


free zones in the country






The DGC (belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Finance) electronically implemented several processes that facilitate communication and information exchange with operators through our INTEGRADOC tool (now called Flokzu on-premise).

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Results achieved

Digital transformation

The Free Trade Zone Contract Management project digitized an extremely important aspect of the organization.

Time reduction

By automating processes such as Contract Authorization and Modification.


Processes in our tool are used to submit the affidavit and make payments autonomously.

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