Ministry of Public Health

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Ministry of Public Health

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The mission of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) of Uruguay is to contribute to the improvement of health and the inhabitants of the Republic, developing health promotion and prevention policies, standardizing and regulating the treatment and rehabilitation of disease under the guiding principles of universality, equity, quality, solidarity, sustainability, and efficiency.


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In 2013 the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) chose INTEGRADOC (now called Flokzu on-premise) to work on its digital transformation. The result is the Document and Electronic Records Management System for the MOH. A new 100% Web Compatible system for tracking and administrating documents and files the organization uses. This system can be used from remote dependencies nationwide via the Internet.

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Results achieved


We trained 500 users in our system to guarantee the successful implementation and adoption of the new system.

Electronic file

The system eliminates the main inconveniences of the paper format, which translates into immediate savings and efficiency in management. Where is it? Under what status? Who interacted with the file? Our solution monitors, at all times, the status and situation of each file.


Citizens can interact with public agencies remotely, whenever they want, and monitor online, the status of their files in real-time from the agency's website.

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