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Orion is the digital partner that solves critical business challenges through reliable and cutting-edge services and solutions. With over 20 years of experience, their focus is on addressing business needs, covering areas such as business processes, critical operations, and technological transformation via cloud, governance, security, data & analytics, and digital transformation.


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Orion needed to automate its workflows as its most critical processes were mainly supported by chats or emails. Currently, they have successfully automated processes in all areas, from Human Resources to compliance and contract signing. "Using and modeling these processes is pretty easy due to the tool being low-code no-code. Hence, anyone with basic process management and workflow knowledge can handle the implementation."

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We can effectively manage our processes, pinpoint bottlenecks, and thus, achieve agility in terms of performance and process management."

Results achieved


"Before Flokzu, we lacked traceability and the ability to measure our process durations or pinpoint bottlenecks.Nowadays, we have instant access to our process performance metrics. We receive real-time information on time taken, stage assignments, and process statuses at a single click. "

Agility and Autonomy

"Today, we benefit from having information supported by the tool. We can manage our processes, identify bottlenecks, and therefore, there is agility from the performance and management perspective of our processes."

Comprehensive Automation

"We have automated processes related to talent and culture, recruitment and selection of collaborators, onboarding and offboarding. We have also automated processes linked to incident management, associated with our security, information, and quality management system. In addition, we have implemented legal management processes, document signing involving lawyers and legal representatives, and confidentiality agreements and contracts. Furthermore, we have covered the entire compliance field, associated with a crime prevention model implemented in the company, and we have also integrated it with this tool in a series of processes related to the law that regulates these types of crimes."

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