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Since its foundation in 2013, Suma Financiera has been a strong support for micro, small, and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Panama. They have not only provided financial services, but also comprehensive advice to drive the growth and sustainable success of these entrepreneurs.

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In early 2023, Suma Financiera faced the need to optimize and redesign internal processes, seeking greater efficiency in the interaction between different areas. Additionally, it was crucial to improve communication between these areas, considering the geographical distances between their agencies distributed across various points in the country. This challenge prompted Suma Financiera to embark on its journey of digital transformation with Flokzu.

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"We have achieved agility in the transfer of information from one area to another; previously, it could take a day to reach the department that needed to process it."

Results achieved

Comprehensive Automation

"We have automated several management requests, the human resources department as well, and from the external customer's perspective, the commercial and customer service areas also use Flokzu for their activities."

Digital Transformation

Before Flokzu, the task of sending forms via messenger and managing the requirements of each area became increasingly complex, requiring a solution to streamline and automate these daily procedures.

Agility and Time Reduction

Previously, the delivery time of data from one department to another could take up to a day, whereas now we have significantly optimized this process.

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