Universidad de Cundinamarca


Universidad de Cundinamarca

Client Profile:

The University of Cundinamarca (UdeC), is a State Institution of Higher Education of the Colombian department of Cundinamarca.

This University is an autonomous and independent entity, with legal status, academic, administrative, financial, budgetary, and government autonomy, with its income and assets, and linked to the Ministry of National Education, being part of the State University System, as an institution of Higher Education.


The year our collaboration began






year of creation


In 2019 the University of Cundinamarca expressed its interest in further improving its administrative processes by digitizing, formalizing, and automating them. Thus, an initial project was configured involving experts from INTEGRADOC (now called Flokzu on-premise), our local partner in Bogota, and members of the University.

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Results achieved

Digital transformation

By the end of 2019, several processes in the administrative area were 100% automated, completely eliminating paper support and the dependence on e-mails and Excel spreadsheets.


+200 defined users working with our tool.


+200 usuarios definidos que utilizan nuestra herramienta.

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