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Universidad Católica del Uruguay

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Installed in Montevideo and several cities in the interior of the country, the Universidad Católica de Uruguay (UCU) is the oldest private university in the country and the most geographically widespread.

From its birth, the UCU set itself the challenge of being a different option in university education. This led to the need to work in previously neglected areas and play an innovative role in the development of new educational methods and in the evangelization of culture. Today, with eight thousand students in its classrooms and several dozen academic programs underway, it is undergoing a period of consolidation and faces the challenge of responding to the new requirements of Uruguayan society.


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When the implementation of INTEGRADOC (now called Flokzu on-premise) began at the University, the role was to be the primary support for its processes for the admission and hiring of teachers and other positions. However, other processes could be improved, which were gradually and subsequently automated. In all of them, the document management capabilities of our tool were vital.

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Results achieved

Digital transformation

Hundreds of papers had to be transferred, which was a problem due to their volume. Moreover, personnel and carts were required to transfer them. Now all these documents are digital.

Time reduction

They reduced the time used in receiving and completing the tasks assigned to each person.

Saving of resources

Each application, especially the academic ones, implied the printing of hundreds of sheets of paper (resumes), time dedicated to their filing, and transportation.

Reduction of the environmental footprint

In the first year of use, 47,500 printed sheets were saved (press release).

Risk reduction

They eliminated the risk of deterioration and losing printed documents.


Our BPM software was implemented with an internal UCU team, who, with outstanding commitment to the internal improvement of their processes, quickly became autonomous in using the tool. It is important to note that this team did not include programmers but professionals from other areas who knew very well the processes of the University and who quickly adopted the BPMN notation.

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