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Flokzu vs Microsoft Power Automate

Introduction In this comparative analysis article, we will explore two prominent automation solutions: Flokzu and Microsoft Power Automate. Both offer distinct approaches with impactful results for optimizing business processes. Flokzu stands out for its focus on end-to-end business process management, … Read More

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BPMS, CRM and ERP: Similarities, Differences, and Synergies

Introduction In the intricate world of business management, three types of software stand as fundamental pillars: BPM Suite (or BPMS), CRM, and ERP. In this article, we will delve into these acronyms and understand their importance by recognizing that, although … Read More

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Pains of Custom Development and why to use No-code low-code

Introduction There are numerous challenges and pains in custom software development. Indeed, custom software development can be an extremely rewarding process, yielding a product tailored exactly to a company’s needs. However, it’s also filled with potential pitfalls. Let’s see its … Read More

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flokzu languages

Flokzu BPM in the Cloud: Available in your language

Welcome to Flokzu! This article will discuss the languages in which our Business Process Management tool is available. How can this platform help you optimize your work processes in your native language? Read on to find out! What is Flokzu? … Read More

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process auditing guide

The Definitive Guide to Process Auditing: Benefits and Best Practices

Process auditing has become an indispensable tool in today’s dynamic business environment, where companies strive for continuous improvement and optimal efficiency. This guide aims to provide a concrete vision, supported by available software tools, of the audit of automated administrative … Read More

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proccess automation finance

Process Automation in Banking and Finance: The Transformational Role of BPM

Welcome to the exciting world of process automation in the financial sector! This article will explore how automation is revolutionizing banking and finance, particularly the transformative role of BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) tools. We will discover how they are … Read More

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Hyper-automation: The future of business efficiency

In the current era, hyper-automation has emerged as one of the most relevant and transformative technology trends in the business world. Through the combination of technologies such as Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Chatbots, organizations are … Read More

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business processes automation

The Complete Guide of Business Processes

Critical business processes are the backbone of any organization. These processes are crucial as they actively aid in achieving the organization’s targeted goals. Their performance’s effectiveness and productivity significantly influence the enterprise’s thriving. Grasping the significance of your organization’s critical … Read More

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process control to save costs

Process control’s ability to save costs and eliminate errors

In today’s business world, efficiency is paramount, and nothing assures it better than a reliable process control system. With the proper process control solution, it’s easier than ever to streamline operations, curtail expenses, and prevent mistakes. Discover how processing control … Read More

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Process improvement guide

Process Improvement – Ultimate Guide 2023

In the realm of processes improvement, we often grapple with complex challenges. From deciphering the intricacies of workflows to identifying bottlenecks, we strive to refine and enhance each stage. It’s not just about reconfiguring individual processes but fostering a comprehensive … Read More

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