Building maintenance. Checklist & workflow.

Building maintenance refers to the activities performed to preserve and restore the functionality of residential and commercial properties. And it can be a cumbersome task. Making mistakes, forgetting certain tasks, or neglecting others can have consequences, in some cases very … Read More

Low-code/no-code technology: getting into practice

Business Process Management (BPM) proposes an intuitive way to visualize workflows within an organization, while allowing the creation of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance, evaluate and subsequently remodel the processes to improve productivity. Using a platform with low-code/no-code … Read More

Real and complex processes? Better that way!

Many times it happens that the real processes of our organizations are complex. And it’s okay that they are, given the nature of the issues those processes solve. Automating these processes requires a BPM tool that is user-friendly yet powerful. … Read More

10 Tips for Succeeding in the Digitization of Processes in Large Companies

Many of the companies that embark on the digitization of their processes and operations through the discipline of BPM are considerably large. And here is a recurring question from their internal managers and leaders: “How do I make things happen … Read More

Is business process management the future of all companies?

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has set a before and after in how business work, and in particular, how they interact and collaborate with its employees. Nobody doubts that the “new normal” post-pandemic, won’t be the same as pre-pandemic reality. Especially, the … Read More

BPM in Quito. Uruguayan software side by side with Ecuador’s capital.

Under the motto “we are here to help”, with Flokzu, a digital process management software, we have come to Quito, Ecuador, to collaborate in times of emergency. The initiative was named “BPM in Quito” Just a few days after the … Read More

BPM tools with preset processes.

Given the deep knowledge we have on the BPMN discipline, and by being caught up with the tool development every day, we sometimes assume that everyone knows as much as we do. And often, we realize that’s incorrect. Most people … Read More

5 ways Flokzu makes working from home easier

Working from home could be of great use sometimes. Yet on occasions, it may be difficult to ensure that the productivity levels won’t be affected, or that the main processes of the company would continue to work properly. It is … Read More

BPM Factors That Startups Need To Stop Overlooking

Setting up and scaling a startup is not an easy task. With Uruguay launching the first commercial 5G network in South America, startups are expected to populate the new Latin American technology hub. As new companies crowd the market, startups … Read More

Category Process Templates

This free ready-to-use Process Templates Library lets you take a business process (form + workflow model) that has been useful to other companies, adapt it to your needs and start using it within minutes. Each business process template includes a … Read More