Business Intelligence in Flokzu


What is Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a series of strategies to improve management by analyzing existing data. It helps you to make better decisions using information available in the company/organization, which is produced from daily operation.

If the data is properly analyzed, it is possible to better understand the current functioning of the business and anticipate future events.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

  • The information already exists; you do not have to generate new data.
  • It transforms existing data into information and information into knowledge.
  • It provides an overview of the company, leaving subjectivities and opinions aside.
  • You can really focus on the information you need.

Business Intelligence in Flokzu

Only Administrators and Business Analysts have access to the Business Intelligence tool. By accessing the Dashboard section you will see a screen similar to this:

Business Intelligence

Real-time information will show the ongoing processes and tasks. This is a Business Activity Monitoring tool (BAM) and here’s how to use it.

To access the Business Intelligence tool, click “View History”. You’ll see a screen similar to this:

Business Intelligence

The default date range for the query is 10 days, but you can modify it in the upper right corner. You can also select if you want to see the report by process or by user. You can even select a particular user or process and see more specific information.

To learn more about the meaning of the labels, you can select the question mark and a brief description will be displayed:

Business Intelligence

You can also schedule a work session here to model a real-life process in your organization together