Category Process Templates

This free ready-to-use Process Templates Library lets you take a business process (form + workflow model) that has been useful to other companies, adapt it to your needs and start using it within minutes. Each business process template includes a … Read More

Maintenance Request Process Template. Ready to use workflow.

Maintenance Request Process Template lets you automate the workflow of receiving, analyzing and following up issues until they are solved. Automating this process under the BPM paradigm provides several benefits. Maintenance Request Process Template Advantages: Provide a formal path for employees to … Read More

Purchase Requisition Template

Companies usually have (or should have) process for managing the acquisition of new products and services. This Purchase Requisition Template supports the request/approval of each new necessity. The Purchase Requisition Template is similar to the Supply Request Template. On the other, this … Read More

Process Template: Employee Expense Reimbursement

Template ready to be imported and executed in Flokzu. A predefined process to automate the expense reimbursement process. It can be used for all kinds of expenses: transportation, accommodation, travel, supplies, etc. … Read More

Process Template: Employee Recruitment

This template will help you model, automate and execute your recruitment process in minutes. … Read More

Process Template: Document Approval Workflow

Document Approval is one of the most common workflows in any organization. As a result of automating this process, you will streamline approvals, improve efficiency and increase accountability. We provide here a ready-to-use template, to be adjusted according to your … Read More

Process Template: Customer Support

Our customer support template allows you to manage inquiries, suggestions, complaints and claims in minutes using BPM. … Read More

Process Template: Supply Request

This template was created to automate the office supply request process. Employees can use it to request and approve supplies (from staples to chairs, a new PC or whatever they need to fulfill their tasks successfully). Advantages of automating this … Read More

Process Templates: Identify Business Opportunities

It’s really important to provide a simple system to identify business opportunities. With Flokzu’s template you can create business proposals in minutes. … Read More

Process Templates: Vacation Request

Every organization, regardless of its size or business area, has to coordinate employees’ vacation request. This process is ideal to be automated because it takes place every year and the same information is always needed. Our Process Template Vacation Request is … Read More